White papers

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of foils, laminates and holographic materials, API is well placed to provide useful insight on a range of related subjects, from creative development services to technical support.

Download free, informative white papers that offer professional advice and helpful tips on how to use our products, both creatively and technically.

Brand impact delivered through packaging

This study examines the on-shelf impact of metallic materials on two different chocolate products in a simulated retail store environment. It offers brand owners and designers valuable new insights into consumer preferences when purchasing premium chocolate, and provides them with the knowledge required to create packs that truly stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive market.

Delivering the extra dimension

This white paper explores how holographic packaging can empower brands - delivering enhancement, on-shelf impact and brand essence. API works with customers and design teams to develop this concept - from knowing how the light will catch a shoppers eyes, to taking inspiration from the latest trends to deliver dynamic impact.

The foil that came in from the cold

This white paper discusses the various elements and the individual requirements of each to demonstrate that cold foiling is now a straight forward technique. It details each stage, consideration and potential pitfalls of cold foiling, and give a broad understanding of how to achieve the optimum results.

Creating a perfect foil

The API technical team has identified corrosion, UV and over printing as the most commons issues experienced by customers using decorative foiling for packaging. This guide outlines why these problems occur and offers trouble-shooting tips to ensure print and packaging specialists get the most out of their decorative foils.

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