Holographic lamination film

Holographic lamination film adds brilliance, colour and movement to packaging to enhance brand appeal and shelf impact. For use on board, paper and polymer base materials, API lamination films are generally based on a PET carrier with a chemically-treated, print-receptive surface.

Films are available in a range of standard patterns. Alternatively, our back-catalogue contains over 250 different patterns or we can design and originate new patterns or holograms to customer order.

Our Holonique™ process is a middle-ground option, facilitating the development of customised holographic patterns without the lead time and expense of traditional holographic origination.

API holographic lamination films are suitable for processing on all major types of lamination machinery, using wet applied and extruded adhesive, on both sheet-fed and reel-fed equipment. They are print-compatible with offset, flexo, gravure, letterpress or screen technologies and can be embossed and foil blocked.

Shim line free options are available in certain patterns. Alternatively, API can provide specialist advice on accommodating shim lines within the print /conversion process to mask or completely eliminate their appearance on the final pack design.


  • Patterns – standard, back-catalogue, new origination or Holonique™
  • Base film – 12 micron PET as standard, higher gauges and OPP on request
  • Finished sizes – widths upto 1.2m (0.8 on shim-line free options)
  • Shim lines – shim-free available on rainbow and pillars of light patterns (widths vary)