API's partnership spirit supports new (Wh)15 premium whisky

The launch of a new premium single malt whisky required not only a great product but also an exceptional brand and packaging. API as a leading provider of brand enhancement solutions was the natural partner for the innovative and exciting launch of (Wh)15 Single Malt Whisky – with API helping to add a premium edge and shelf-impact to the new whisky.

The spirit of partnership

Under the heading ‘the spirit of partnership’, a number of experienced and imaginative companies took a unique approach to ensure the successful release of the (Wh)15 Single Malt Whisky, produced by Loch Lomond Group, and brought it to life through a collaboration managed by JFM Plates and Reprobrand.

The (Wh)15 brand was created to complement the finest barley and pure Scottish water used in the production of the premium whisky. And it was the power of effective combinations that led to the team of industry-leading companies producing (Wh)15, an exceptional 15-year-old whisky with a distinctive character, a demonstration of what can be achieved through collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

Jim Davies, client relationship manager at Reprobrand, commented, “We’ve had a fantastic time launching (Wh)15. It has been a lot of hard work to ensure that this project was successful, but we had no doubt that it would be, given the involvement of partners such as API.”


“The (Wh)15 project was the perfect vehicle for API to both add real-shelf impact to the final whisky packaging and also highlight our ability to work with partners and suppliers to deliver results,” said Hester McQueen Marketing Manager for API Foils. “Our newly formed Creative Development group is already providing brand, printer converters, and designers with new ideas on how to enhance packaging. We innovate and work with our customers from their initial concept through to support during production and the final packaging of their product. Our collaboration with the partners on this project is a great example of how we are able to deliver the (Wh)15 whisky under this spirit of partnership.”


Collaborative projects

Whilst the (Wh)15 whisky was at the more luxurious end of possibilities for collaborative projects, API has wide experience of working on a range of similar initiatives in order to deliver the benefits of its joined-up approach across the supply chain.

In a recent unique collaboration project involving a number of supplier partnerships, a printed swatch booklet entitled ‘Breaking the Boundaries of Cold Foil’ featured new products that contained a variety of decorative images, to illustrate the possibilities of cold foiling techniques. The eye-catching images were produced using a single silver foil which was over-printed to create the spectrum of metallic colours showcased throughout the booklet and demonstrate the impact they can achieve for packaging and labels.

The success of the swatch has led to API working on a second booklet and demonstrate the sophisticated effects that can be added to packaging through the interplay of design, print and materials.

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