New versatile foil has got it covered

API Foils has developed a new more versatile, general-purpose matt pigment hot stamping foil. It offers both fine detail and broad area coverage across a wider range of applications than any other pigment foil previously available from API.

The PG Grade is the result of two years research and development and combines the best qualities of the company’s legacy pigment foils UA and 432, delivering a number of improved product features.

A better opacity means customers will achieve a sharper colour and better overall finish and a wider operating temperature window increases productivity by improving process times. In addition, by providing a well-defined colour range in just a single grade, it is simpler for customers to choose their preferred product as PG will cover the vast majority of applications.

Says Andy Kerr, International Technical Support: “This new range has been developed to make product selection far easier for our customers. We have developed just one grade for most general-purpose applications, which is available in 12 well-defined colours. The versatility of PG across so many applications together with its improved technical capability, means the customer can concentrate on the effect they want to achieve rather than get involved in technical considerations.

“Having such a grade also means that deliveries will be quicker and simpler.

“Suitable for both fine detail and broad area coverage, PG can be used on a wide range of substrates including self-adhesive labels, coated and uncoated paper and board plus a wide range of plastics and natural materials such as leather and wood. In fact it can be used on anything from ballet shoes to brake pads.”

Working in collaboration with Newfoil, based in Bolton, API is launching the PG grade to platen press stamping label manufacturers in the UK. Commenting on PG after initial customer trials, Steve Tonge of Dotaprint Labels said: “This foil makes label printing so much easier, one foil that suits all substrates and even works when printing foil on foil.”

Janet Clarkson, Director of Newfoil says; “Initial customer trials have produced some truly exceptional results and as the leading hot foil distributor in the UK, we welcome a foil that not only delivers high performance, versatility and reliability, but also provides an easy machine set up.

“The new PG foils are available in a well defined range of colours and complement the comprehensive range of products that we already offer to the labeling industry.”

PG has an easy release and excellent adhesion. Depending on the machine type and application, it typically has activation at 85oC with an operating temperature of between 100oC to 1500C. For best results it has a recommended top temperature of 170oC.

The new foil has good resistance to water, plasticiser migration and to wines and spirits. It is non-toxic and meets stringent compliance and legislation across numerous industry standards worldwide.

Manufactured in Livingston, PG is available worldwide through the company’s dedicated distribution centres.