Industry research reveals gifting is on the rise

An independent industry survey has revealed that the luxury gifting category is on the rise with more than 60%* of brand managers stating that it offers a significant opportunity in the upcoming development of their product portfolios.

The survey was commissioned by brand empowerment specialist API Group, and focused on gaining insight from brand owners and packaging designers.

Results showed that while 72% of those questioned believed that a gift offering is either an important, or very important part of a product portfolio, only 43.5% have so far introduced a gifting element to their range of products.

API’s Creative Development Manager, David Peters believes that brands are now starting to realise they can achieve a competitive advantage through the introduction of a gifting offer and that packaging has an important role to play in the growth and appeal of gifted products.

He said: “Traditionally the promotional category of gifting is associated with seasonal promotions and the travel retail space. However, over the last few years we have seen more and more brands investing in gifting to provide a point of difference across a range of retail environments throughout the year.

“Gifting is a way for brands to introduce buyers to a number of new ranges to their existing customers and it also encourages pack retention as gift packs tend to be kept or stored by consumers, prolonging the impact the brand has on a consumer.

“For brands, presentation is key. Through the power of design, packaging items can become keepsakes in themselves, and can significantly increase the brand’s reach on social media, as consumers share gifted items online when its packaging is visually unique and exciting.”

API Group has worked with brands such as Tattinger and Lancôme developing a bespoke range of luxury gift packaging solutions, which incorporate its expertise in foils and laminates to create maximum stand out shelf appeal.

David added: “Packaging is a powerful tool for creating an engaging brand story and ensuring that products consistently outshine the competition.

“When creating a gift offering, brands and designers must think about how it will be presented and consider the effect that packaging will create from the very beginning of product development.

“How will the packaging look on the shelf? What shape, colour will it be? What effects and finishes will be included? This is where a bespoke and appropriate use of foils, laminates and holograms can really supercharge packaging and empower brands to shine.”

To view the full results of the API group survey click here.


*The independent survey of 265 decision makers within the creative and marketing industry was carried out for API Group by 72 Point in March 2018.