Greeting cards

The greeting card industry has traditionally been a big user of metallic and holographic foils and greeting card producers and their sub-contractors are some of API’s biggest customers.

API meets the sector’s requirements for a broad range of shades in key graphics foil grades, giving excellent quality on coated and uncoated boards.

Our core graphics range is formulated to give versatility across fine type and large solid areas and uniform release characteristics to facilitate simultaneous running of different shades on the same machine impression.

API metallic, holographic, pearlescent and pigmented hot stamping foil grades are suitable for running on cylinder, platen and high speed rotary presses.

We also offer HRI films and foils and our TU cold foil grade for overprinting in-line in conventional and UV offset inks.

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API looks at design, covering materials and finishes and how they can be applied effectively to your brands.

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