Lamination film

Lamination film

API is a leading producer of decorative holographic lamination film serving paper and board laminators throughout Europe and worldwide. Many of the world’s premier brands are packaged using laminated papers and boards and holographic finishes provide a particularly distinctive and high quality image.

API’s holographic know-how and scale of production means that we are a trusted partner to laminators, printers and specifiers in sectors such as fine spirits, tobacco, confectionary, perfumery and cosmetics.

We offer an extensive range of patterns, including shim line free options, holographic over-lamination film (HRI) and transfer films. A bespoke origination service is available for unique holographic effects tailored to specific customer and print designs.

Our lamination films are fully compatible with all widely-used printing techniques and post-lamination processes.

API specialists are available to work directly with brand owners and partners in the packaging supply chain, providing technical, innovation and project management services from the earliest stages of the packaging development process

Applications & formats

Base material – Suitable for laminating onto a broad range of substrates such as paper, card or polymer-based materials.

Overprinting – Chemically treated for print-compatibility with offset, flexo, gravure, letterpress or screen technologies and receptive to embossing and foil blocking.

Lamination machines – Suitable for processing on all major types of lamination machinery, using wet applied and extruded adhesive on both sheet-fed and reel-fed equipment.

Format – Roll widths from 50mm up to 1220mm (800mm for shim free patterns).

Minimum order quantities – Down to 3,660 sq metres (610mm x 6,000m) but depends on the design. Further details available on request.