Laminate board & paper - Overview

Laminate board & paper

Many of the world’s premier brands are packaged using our laminated papers and boards. This is no surprise since laminate materials convey the sense of enduring quality and distinction which top brands require whilst offering a wide range of eye-catching decorative effects which really stand out in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

API is Europe’s longest-established and largest producer of paper and board laminates for the packaging of consumer goods. With over 90 years experience supplying to premium sectors such as fine spirits, tobacco, confectionery and beauty, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and technical excellence, innovation and supply chain efficiency.

Our scale, experience and collaborative approach mean that we are trusted with the most important lamination projects in the industry, through the branding phase, market launch and ongoing supply.

Our comprehensive product range includes metallised polyester and aluminium foil laminates and holographic and Fresnel lens finishes which can be customised to fit specific printed graphics, as well as “green” options which are fully repulpable & biodegradeable. We also make functional laminates, such as microwave susceptor and fire retardants.

API laminates are widely used for folding cartons, packaging inserts, books and DVD covers, are fully over-printable and perform on the highest speed packing lines.

We work directly with designers, packaging development and marketing professionals; supporting projects from the earliest stages with our market-leading design and development service.

API partners with all the leading paper and paperboard producers and a wide range of film and foil suppliers, including our sister company API Holographics, to ensure we offer the most comprehensive, innovative and continuously developing range of packaging finishes and effects.

Applications & formats

API board laminates are suitable for use in all kinds of folding carton manufacture, packaging fitments and point of sale displays whilst laminated papers are typically used for book/dvd covers and label inserts.

Laminates can be cut & creased to perform problem-free on the highest speed packing lines, with packing speeds of up to 1000 packs per minutes being regularly achieved in certain high volume applications.

All our laminates are over-printable in offset litho, flexo, gravure, letterpress and screen and are suitable for foil stamping and embossing. Our proprietary NC lacquer is available as an option to provide the most receptive and consistent print surface.

Our customers have extensive experience of running our materials on sheet-fed printing presses from all the major machine manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Roland, Komori, KBA and web fed presses from Bobst and Stevens Graphics equipped with both rotary and flatbed die cutting.

All our products can be supplied in reel or sheet formats at widths of up to 1.5m, with or without film free gripper edges.

Reels can be supplied up to 1.8m diameter, on core sizes 152mm to 305mm and in slit widths down to 65mm.

Edge alignment on reels and palletised sheets is sufficient to operate with all common machine feed mechanisms without the need for prior re-reeling or re-stacking.

Base board & paper options

API works with all leading producers of packaging grade paper and paperboard, including Stora Enso, Metsa, Korsnas, Mead Westvaco, Holmen Group/Iggesund, CMPC and Tullis Russell.

Grades suitable for lamination need to be carefully chosen, taking into account the impact on finished properties such as the quality of appearance of the face side, bond strength and propensity towards flatness at the printing stage. API technical staff can advise on the most suitable base material suppliers and grades for different applications.

Another consideration, especially affecting long running projects, is the quality and supply chain reliability of different suppliers. API can provide an objective assessment based on our supplier audit program and comprehensive vendor rating system.

ONE Board is a standard GC1 board grade carefully selected by API to meet the demands of high quality packaging applications where a high bulk, smooth surface and a white reverse are required in combination with superior film bond strength.

ONE Board is available from stock in two weights and two optimised widths and can be laminated with the full range of films and foils to achieve the finish required.

ONE Board is particularly suitable for applications in Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Confectionary and Multimedia.

Supply from stock

To meet customer requirements for short-notice supply to meet unplanned, time-critical demands, API can offer a selection of options from our range of stock materials. Our policy means that we always hold stock of our ‘One’ grade base board along with the most popular film and foil lamination materials. Depending on the details, our fast-track processing can typically deliver finished product within days of order.



  • Weight – 275, 325gsm
  • Width – 734 or 1054mm, for finishing into reels or sheet
  • Brightness – matt, bright or superbright
  • Printability – chemically pre-treated or API’s Proprietary NC Lacquer
  • Base material – 275 / 325gsm white backed GC1 board (see API One Board)
  • Finished Sizes – reels or sheets, 734 or 1054mm wide or cut down further at additional cost
  • Shades/patterns – bright metalised film, aluminium foil, holographic rainbow pattern, any shade