Holographic stamping foils

Holographic stamping foils

Holographic stamping foils are available in a range of patterns to add extra visual appeal to products and packaging over and above a simple reflective metallic finish.

Shifting colour and directions of light help to increase shelf impact and attract consumer interest, and carefully chosen holographic patterns can be an effective means of communicating brand values and identity.

Already extensively used on cartons and labels for premium products, holographic foils are increasingly being adopted for everyday consumer goods, with the range of patterns and colours offering a fascinating choice of creative opportunities for packaging design, all with the aim of attracting consumer interest and enhancing brand image.

As with metallic hot stamping foils, holographic foils can be embossed for even greater visual impact.

For branded products and packaging, we recommend Holofoil™ and Holonique™. Holofoil™ offers a broad range of standard holographic patterns, and Holonique™ offers customised holographic designs.

API holographic stamping foils are designed to be versatile, achieving a full, clean ‘print’ across a wide range of substrates and efficient running on all popular machinery types, including platen, rotary, roll-on and clam-shell. Popular foil options include:

  • DB (Americas grade DP) is a highly versatile, general purpose grade suitable for use on conventional and UV inks and coatings, dry and uncoated papers and boards
  • DC (Americas grade DO) is especially suitable where overprinting is a key factor
  • SU is a multipurpose, transparent holographic stamping foil

Talk to us about your specific product requirements and application environments, and we’ll identify the best foil for your needs.

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  • Holofoil™ offers a comprehensive catalogue of standard holographic patterns
  • Holonique™ offers decorative holographic patterns that are unique to your brand