Bespoke holographics & lens laminates

Bespoke holographics & lens laminates

Based on our proprietary manufacturing technology and intimate knowledge of processes from film manufacture through to print and conversion, API can justifiably claim to be a world pioneer in the production of laminates for precision registration to print.

Combined with our design expertise, we are therefore uniquely placed to assist brand owners and supply chain partners in the development of packaging designs using print-registered holographics and lenses.

A customised solution may involve modifying the size, repeat length or spacing of existing holographic patterns or lens elements or creating new optical effects from scratch.

Whilst the possibilities are endless, the development process can be challenging and requires close integration of the design, material production and print processes. Any project will therefore benefit from API’s expertise and collaborative approach, as well as the involvement of all supply chain partners from an early stage.


  • Finishes & effects – Fresnel lenses, holographic patterns, holograms or combination effects
  • Printability – chemically pre-treated or API’s proprietry NC lacquer
  • Base material – 130gm to 450gm paper/board, customer-specified or API sourced
  • Finished sizes – reels or sheets, up to 1.2m wide