Film free lamination

With the new machine fully commissioned and in production, the €4M investment made by the API Group is really proving a fantastic addition to the laminates business.

With its wide web capability and inline slitting, product can be off the machine and loaded within minutes and, with an industry leading web scanning system monitoring and measuring quality, board lamination has never been so consistent and closely controlled.

Most significant is the ability of the machine to laminate a special film to the surface of paper or board before the film is recovered, rewound and re-used or recycled.

As a refinement of a long established process, API approached this innovation from a completely new direction determined to develop a product and process that outperformed the existing transfer products in the market and raised customer expectation in the areas of brightness, ease of use and resilience.

After an extended period of development the product has been fully tested and has passed through a number of stringent, demanding tests before finally receiving the green light for production.

We believe it represents a new standard for transfer metallised materials which is why we call it TRANSMET – film free lamination.


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